Friday, May 25, 2007

I Rise

“Yoked to Divine Mind, we are receptive to Its ways. Yoked to our problem, we are receptive to strain and fear.” [Raymond Charles Barker]

The rising saint, hero, prophet, or god is not an unfamiliar myth. In legend and lore we see over and over the noble soul finding paradise, deification, immortality, or a place among the stars. When we read of Jesus’ ascension we aren’t merely to be impressed that something spectacular may have happened to him; we are to be encouraged that we can rise above our circumstances to renewed and abundant life. Today, I focus on possibilities rather than on problems, and thus I rise above circumstances to my rightful, divine place in the eternal heavens.

Prayer Treatment: I turn away from the appearance of problems and toward the wonderful possibilities that exist for me. I am rising now to my great potential. And so it is!

(c)Durrell Watkins, 2007

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