Friday, November 15, 2013


Sunshine Cathedral Mcc: Daily Spirit & Truth Reflection.
Friday, November 15

Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

"Let the past go; do not constantly recall mistakes and difficult experiences." Carrie Munz 

Today I turn 47 years old. Birthdays have meant different things to me over the years. There was a time, naturally enough, when I looked forward to cake and presents (especially cash), but they weren’t exactly free. The price to be paid was listening to that horrendous “Happy Birthday” song. Eventually, birthdays became a reminder of mortality, mistakes made, opportunities missed, and one less year in life to achieve goals (malaise sometimes followed this reminder). Now, birthdays for me aren’t about receiving things or contemplating loss; they are opportunities to be grateful for life and to remember that really, NOW is the only time that ever really is; and that is a valuable, even joyful lesson.

Prayer Treatment: I release the past to the past and trust the future to unfold in perfect ways. Today, I choose to live joyfully in the NOW."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Become aware of the power

Sunshine Cathedral Daily Spirit & Truth Reflection

Tuesday, November 12

Become aware of the power Rev. Dr Durrell Watkins

"We are aware of a great Intelligence within ourselves that helps us climb the hills of life..." Carrie Munz

A woman from Boston was visiting New York for a conference. When it was time to leave the conference, she had the most difficult time hailing a cab. She wasn’t accustomed to the New York vibe and while she stood meekly, barely raising her hand as cabs drove by, no taxi driver noticed her. Any driver would have been happy to take her to the airport, but they just didn’t notice her. Finally, a driver did see and stop for her.
We can’t take advantage of what we don’t notice. As we become increasingly aware of the divine Power within us, we can trust that power more and allow It more fully to meet our every need.

Prayer Treatment: There is unlimited Energy within me; as I take notice of It, I can direct It to bless my life. I have the power; I choose to acknowledge It now. And so it is!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Prayer for Today


Today, let us be thankful that same-gender loving people no longer must serve in silence but can live and love openly while defending their country in the various branches of the military.

Today, let us honor all who have served and who currently serve in uniform.

Today, let us honor all military service men and women by hoping and praying for peace.

Today, let us be mindful of non-military service that is also meant to keep us safe and make our world better…the work of first responders, the work of diplomats, and the work of activists speaking out for women, minorities, same-gender loving people, children, immigrants, the poor, and all who have had to work harder to experience the good that they deserve.

Today, let us rejoice that some in positions of authority or influence use the resources available to them to promote “liberty and justice for all” – in particular let us be grateful for Zambia’s First Lady, Dr Christine Kasebs-Sata, who is an advocate for LBTG people in Africa.

Today, let us be grateful for the US Senate’s passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and let us hope that the US House of Representatives will do likewise.

Today, let us give thanks for the 15 US states that now offer marriage equality, that a 16th state is very close, and that the District of Columbia, several counties and tribal communities, and an increasing number of nations recognize and celebrate equality as well.

Today, let us be reminded that there are still many places where one can be discriminated against, vilified, rejected, harmed, or even killed simply for being gay or lesbian, for being suspected of being gay or lesbian, or for being transgender or gender non-conforming; and let us recommit to working toward the elimination of homophobia and transphobia among us.

Today, let us remember that HIV has not yet been cured and let us wish and pray for a cure to soon be found.

And today, let us hold the people of the Philippines in our hearts as they continue to assess the damage and losses of Hurricane Haiyan.

There are many kinds of battles and many kinds of warriors…may all who have been willing to struggle to make our world safer, more just, and more compassionate be abundantly blessed.

God of our hearts, we offer these prayers in the name of all that is good and holy. Amen.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


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