Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Become aware of the power

Sunshine Cathedral Daily Spirit & Truth Reflection

Tuesday, November 12

Become aware of the power Rev. Dr Durrell Watkins

"We are aware of a great Intelligence within ourselves that helps us climb the hills of life..." Carrie Munz

A woman from Boston was visiting New York for a conference. When it was time to leave the conference, she had the most difficult time hailing a cab. She wasn’t accustomed to the New York vibe and while she stood meekly, barely raising her hand as cabs drove by, no taxi driver noticed her. Any driver would have been happy to take her to the airport, but they just didn’t notice her. Finally, a driver did see and stop for her.
We can’t take advantage of what we don’t notice. As we become increasingly aware of the divine Power within us, we can trust that power more and allow It more fully to meet our every need.

Prayer Treatment: There is unlimited Energy within me; as I take notice of It, I can direct It to bless my life. I have the power; I choose to acknowledge It now. And so it is!

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