Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Social Stratification in Heaven?

Question: Will there be social stratification in heaven? (from the Internet)

Answer: There are many visions of heaven in scripture and sacred tradition. These visions are the human imagination’s way of expressing hope that our lives have meaning beyond the brief span of years we experience from birth to death.

Heaven symbolizes our hope that we are more than this physical experience. Beyond affirming that Life is all-inclusive and eternal, I really can’t say how the “after-life” will look. I hesitate to guess how (or if) a heavenly society would be stratified.

However, the best heaven I can imagine would be a world where we would enjoy power with one another rather than power over one another. In “my” heaven, no one would be excluded and everyone would have an equal share in the joy, abundance, and vitality of life. So, my best guess is that in the highest and best of all possible heavenly realities, there would be no social stratification as we experience in “this” world.


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