Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm excited today about my installation as the next "Canon Pastor" (senior minister in common parlance) of Sunshine Cathedral. I've been at SC for 16 months already as the Canon Precentor (aka Liturgist or Director of Worship), and was elected months ago to this new position. So today's "installation" is a formality really, a celebration, and also a new beginning.

The funny thing is, I have very little to do today. I have worked hard in the planning of the service, and some people (like my partner Robert) have worked even harder doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff. But today, I process down an aisle, sit in a chair, kneel at an altar, say "I do" when asked if I will try to be a good pastor, and at the end, give a benediction. As far as what is expected of me, it should be one of the easiest worship services of my career. So why I am nervous?

I'm not new to pastoring. This isn't the first larger church I've served. I'm no longer new to this community why does this all feel new and exciting?

Since this is only the day after All Souls Day, I ask my grandmothers to add their blessing to today's events. I'm not sure either of them would have understood what SC is really all about, and only one of them ever really tried to be supportive of me after I "came out." But, each in her way, they both loved me and I'm sure they would both want me to be happy and successful in all my endeavors. And so, Grandma and Mama D, if you are aware of my big day today, please smile on me and wish me well.

Well, this entry is a bit more scattered than most, but this one is more for me than for potential readers. I go to face the day, and the years that will follow. I go forward now with joyful hope and eager anticipation. May Sunshine Cathedral be richly blessed.

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