Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Mythic Hero is Me!

"The function of mythological symbols is to give you a sense of 'Aha! Yes. I know what it is, it's myself.'" - Joseph Campbell

The Phoenix rises to new life from its own ashes.
Moses encounters a divine voice in a burning thorn-bush.
The Princess Aurora is cursed, but "good fairies" mediate the curse so that instead of dying she will only fall into a deep sleep one day, and "true love's kiss" will raise her from her coma.
Samson has super-human strength as long as he avoids all barbers.
Jesus is touched by a woman in a crowd; the woman is instantly cured of a disease she's had for a dozen years.
Mary (like Elijah before her) is taken bodily into heaven without dying; she (again, like Elijah), is thought to return to earth from time to time to help people in need.

We'll recognize these stories from Greek mythology, the bible, children's books, and church tradition. Even though they come from different sources and different times, I believe they share something in common. They show us a heroic character that is meant to represent our highest potential.

WE are the phoenix. We are able to get back up after we have emotionally crashed and burned.
WE are Moses, exiled and surrounded by burning shrubs. We are able to commune with our Higher Power and receive hope and guidance even when we are facing difficulties.
WE are Aurora. We have angels or fairies (friends, ideas, intuition) who help us survive difficulties and rise to our full potential.
WE are Samson, with strengths and talents that can amaze the world if we won't sabotage them.
WE are Jesus, capable of living with such courage, integrity, grace and compassion that people around us are healthier and happier just because our lives have touched theirs.
WE are Mary (or Elijah). Our consciousness is being raised to a place of peace, joy, and fulfillment; from our higher state, we can be a blessing to others.

The mythic figures represent the possibilities that exist for us and in us. They call us to embrace the best within ourselves and to let our true light shine!

Myths aren't false…in fact, they are supremely true! Remember philosopher Joseph Campbell who said, "The function of mythological symbols is to give you a sense of 'Aha! Yes. I know what it is, It's myself.'" Embrace the heroic tales, and let them guide you to your own heroic truth. You are a perfect idea in the Mind of God. Affirm this truth; live in its power. Amen.


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