Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Regarding Using Ethnic & Religious Slurs Against Sen. Obama

1. He is a Protestant Christian. He's a member of a United Church of Christ congregation. You can't bash him for his fiery former (Christian) pastor AND call him a Muslim.

But, 2. What if he were Muslim? In a country that prides itself on Freedom of Religion, being Muslim (or Mormon or Jewish or Catholic or Atheist or Hindu, whatever) shouldn't disqualify one from public service.

I'm no huge fan of any patriarchal/heterosexist/conservative tradition (and am critical of my own!), but I am very disturbed that being a member of any religious tradition (or none) can be used so openly against someone. So, yes, we should know the facts - he's not Muslim. But I think we need to address the issue that it's not OK to use "Muslim" as an insult or as an accusation of unfitness.

Finally, ENOUGH with the blatant racism. If he were a person of Arab descent, what would it matter? He's a native born citizen of this country, and his ethnic heritage, whatever it is, is something he can celebrate. In the 21st century, in a "free" country, ethnic identities like Irish, Polish, Latino/a, or ARAB can not be used as insults!

Sen. Obama is a highly educated, highly intelligent, highly accomplished, highly articulate leader. Either agree or disagree with his politics, but stop using ethnicity and religion as excuses for opposing him. Yes, the people who do so are wrong about his ethnicty and religion, but that it would matter at all is very problematic.

Here endeth my rant.

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