Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayer for New President

Infinite Compassion/Universal Hope/Abiding Peace/Unconditional Love/God:

In the United States we have witnessed the inauguration of the 44th U.S. president. He is the fifth youngest U.S. president. He is the first African-American U.S. president. And he is the duly elected leader of our nation. We wish him health, joy, strength, and courage as he performs his executive duties.

We pray that he and his family will be kept safe at all times. We ask your divine Wisdom to guide his heart and his actions. We hope that he will prove to be an instrument of your peace, a strong advocate for justice and equality for ALL people, and that he will be part of bringing prosperity to our nation.

May he be a symbol of unity, a voice of reason, a model of integrity, a devotee of hope, and an indefatigable champion of liberty, tolerance, inclusion, and the common good.

God of many names,

You transcend the limits of geographic boundaries, religious institutions, political parties, and human prejudice. With humble gratitude and joyful expectation we now ask you to bless our new president, vice-president, cabinet appointees, and congressional leaders. God bless this nation and every nation, today and always. Amen.

Rev. Durrell Watkins, M.A., M.Div.
Sunshine Cathedral
Fort Lauderdale

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