Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Own Your Hate; Don't Blame It on God

I guess people are entitled to their prejudices, but why blame them on God/Jesus/the bible/Religion? You don't like Queers (or some other group), fine...but why scrape up a sentence or two from an anonymously written, hand copied, no originals in existence today, many times translated ancient sacred text to "prove" your attitudes are justified? Own your feelings. Don't blame them on Jesus (or Ahura Mazda, or Bacchus, or Isis...). I hate mushrooms...I just do. I don't need a verse of scripture. I'm totally comfortable hating mushrooms on my own!

Could it be that people "know" that hate is ugly and unjustifiable, and pretending their hatred is a divine command gives them permission to have their hate without taking responsibility for its unfortunate consequences? They may think it gets them off the hook, but meanwhile, it certainly doesn't paint God in a very flattering light.

- dw (the Mushroomphobe)

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