Friday, December 09, 2011

Rick Perry: Not Really About Religion

Let's be clear: 1. Rick Perry isn't defending "religion"...he's defending a very narrow, antagonistic, and ahistoric wing of the Christian religion. He isn't concerned with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Ethical Humanists, or even liberal Christians. 2. He's running for president, not for an ecclesiastical office. 3. If religion needed his defense, it would be so irrelevant as to be too broken wouldn't need a defense; it would need a eulogy. And finally, 4. what he is defending isn't religion, but heterosexual, white, male privilege. His crusade against diversity and equality is not religious; it is him playing to the worst impulses of his constituency in an attempt to gain more power and privilege for himself. What is wrong with this country has nothing to do with Christmas, prayer in schools, or gays in the military; what is wrong is that people like Perry can dehumanize Queer people & non-Christians without penalty.

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