Monday, February 13, 2012

There Is No Victimization of the Majority

Here's the thing...
Those of us who enjoy majority status absolutely CANNOT pretend to be victimized by our majority status.

1. There is no reverse racism. One must have the social power of the dominant race to be racist. Anyone can be prejudiced, even bigoted. But to be racist, one must enjoy the privilege of majority (or in the case of Apartheid era South Africa, the power of the controlling minority). So, attempts to level the playing field, mend systems damaged by institutional racism, make amends for past injustices, or prevent continuing injustices is not a persecution of white people who still, on the whole, control most of this country's wealth and make up most of this country's systems of power.

2. Challenging misogyny, naming sexism, valuing the contributions of women, breaking long standing boys clubs, attempting to change language so that it no longer privelges maleness, and insisting that women are not disqualified because of their gender from any position of authority or leadership is not a persecution of men. To have one's privilege threatened is not the same as to have one's person or personal dignity threatened.

3. Same gender love and attraction does NOT pose a threat to family, society, religion, or the common good. It has always existed. It will always exist. And allowing people to celebrate their love openly and forbidding the oppression of same-gender loving people is not a persecution of heterosexuals, tradition (which is ever evolving anyway), values, patriotism, or faith.

We all enjoy some level of privilege. Recognizing that privilege, renouncing at least some of it as much as is possible, and caring about those who have been disadvantaged by our privilege isn't is just, and fair, and ethical.

Aren't we finally evolved enough as a society to acknowledge this and work together to dismantle systems of real oppression that have left far too many people marginalized for far too long?

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