Friday, March 23, 2012

Prayer in Response to the Killing of Trayvon Martin

Prayer in Response to the Killing of Trayvon Martin

We all know from news reports what happened to 17 year old Trayvon Martin. The unarmed teenager was killed by a neighborhood watch captain with a history of violent behavior. The neighborhood watch captain noticed Trayvon walking home from the local 7-11 with iced tea and candy and called 911 to report that the youth looked "suspicious." The dispatcher responded by telling the watch captain to NOT pursue the young man and that police officers would look into it. Nevertheless, the neighborhood watch volunteer did pursue Mr. Martin, confronted him, and in the end, fatally wounded him.

I mentioned the tragic event in last week's sermon and we all continue to hold Trayvon Martin's family in our hearts as they deal with their grief.
In times of loss, fear, or overwhelming disappointment, we sometimes feel helpless and yet we are still compelled to do "something." One thing that people of faith can do during such times is pray. Please join me once again in the spirit of prayer:

Spirit of Indomitable Hope,

The tragic killing of an unarmed teenager continues to weigh heavy on our hearts.
Our outrage in response to senseless violence feels stuck in our throats.
Our disappointment that racism continues to plague our society leaves us with a sick feeling in our stomachs.
The pain that Trayvon Martin's family must feel fills us with overwhelming sadness.
And so in the healing practice of prayer, we name our emotions.

We bless the memory of one who died far too young and far too needlessly.
We send compassion to Trayvon's loved ones and wish them healing and the satisfaction of real justice.
And as we pray every Sunday at Sunshine Cathedral, we pray again in this moment: May peace prevail on earth!Peace in our hearts. Peace in our communities. Peace among nations. Peace for those who suffer. Peace for those who long for healing. Peace for those whose inner discord causes them to act violently in the spaces we all must share. Peace for those who have been victimized by violence. That peace that passes understanding; may peace prevail on earth.

We pray for peace, justice, and healing today. Not only with our words but with our thoughts, our attitudes, our emotions, and our actions, we pray continually for peace, justice, and healing; in the name of all that is good and holy and in the name of all noble helpers of humanity, we pray for peace, justice, and healing. Amen.

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