Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunshine Cathedral Holy Week Prayers

Prayer for Holy Week (by Durrell Watkins)
Holy means “whole” and this Holy Week is a reminder of my wholeness, my goodness, my right to experience hope, joy, and well-being. Maundy Thursday reminds me to love myself and to love my neighbor as I love myself. Good Friday reminds me that difficulties, even extreme difficulties happen, but they can never touch the Real me and they cannot define my life nor have the last word in my life. Holy Saturday is the day of waiting between Good Friday and Easter, and it reminds me that if my Good had not YET come to pass, or if I have not YET noticed it, that I should not give up hope. And Easter, the day of renewal, the day of new beginnings, the day of hope fulfilled, the day where Life demonstrates that It is the one Reality, Easter Sunday reminds me that hope is never wasted and joy is always possible. I bless these final days of Holy Week and allow the messages these days offer to bless me. All is well. And so it is.

Prayer for Self Fulfillment (by Durrell Watkins)
I am one with the Spirit of Life. I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind. I am how the Absolute knows Itself. I am a child of God. This is where I place my focus today, on my unity with the All Good, on the perfect Substance of life. As God is Good and I am of, in, and forever loved by God, Good is my inheritance to claim right now. I turn away from any appearance that would suggest Life is anything but supportive of me, benevolent, gracious, abundant, joyous, and filled with wonderful opportunities. Where I may have been distracted by dis-ease, I now change my focus to God, the All Good, the Source of life and abundant Health. Where I was worried about what could go wrong in the future, I NOW choose to experience optimism about the blessings that are already on their way into my life. If I have been troubled about money, I release those worries and focus instead on the Abundant Universe in which I live, and I affirm “There is Good for me and I ought to have it!” If there have been conflicts, I bless the situation saying, “peace! Be still;” and I know that something good will emerge from the situation. This day I choose to know that heavenly riches, which include health, happiness, harmony, opportunity, wisdom, safety, AND prosperity, are supplying my every need. And so I give thanks and I allow my good to be made perfectly manifest today and every day. Amen.

Prayer for Sunshine Cathedral (by Durrell Watkins)
God of many names, Mystery beyond our naming,
O how we love Sunshine Cathedral! We are so thankful for a place and a community where dogma is replaced by honest searching, where the past is past and the future has infinite possibilities, where we are constantly reminded of our sacred value, where healing happens in so many ways, where self-hatred is confronted with the power of Love, and where privilege is denied and the dignity of all people is celebrated. Thank you, God, for the far reaching ministry of Sunshine Cathedral. It is a healing ministry, a justice ministry, a ministry whereby your grace is given body in the world. We affirm blessings for Sunshine Cathedral and we expect it to continue to grow and thrive and prosper. May Sunshine Cathedral continue reaching more people and more kinds of people, becoming ever more diverse and far reaching, and may Sunshine Cathedral continue to be a blessing to the community and beyond. We support our wonderful church with time, talent, and treasure, and with love and goodwill, and with positive speech and with daily prayer.  Sunshine Cathedral is a blessing to so many people and will yet bless so many more. And again we give thanks. Amen.

Prayer for  a Loved One in Need (by Durrell Watkins)
Omnipresent Love,
N. is experiencing difficulty, but I choose right now not to focus on the difficulty but on her/his goodness and on your will that her/his life be full of joy. Problems can be solved, and until they are solved, you give us the grace and the courage and the strength and the hope to endure and move forward toward the solution, even when we don’t know how or when that solution will come to pass. N. is your child, your light shines within her/him, and your grace is equal to her/his every need. And so it is that I bless N. in your name and I affirm that she/he deserves Good and her/his Good is already at hand. Let it now be made manifest in the best possible way. Amen.

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