Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

"The more we hold to divine perfection, in thought & feeling, the better is the creation that we see in the outer." Helen Zagat

"I accept my good; I accept abundant supply even though I cannot see the way in the outer. Now is the time. My declaration brings it forth. I give thanks. I give thanks." Helen Zagat

"Since there is but one Spirit and this Spirit is in you and in everything, then everywhere you go you will meet this Spirit. You meet this Spirit in people, in places and in things. There is a Divine Essence permeating everything, flowing through everything, becoming all things."  Ernest Holmes

"We grow into the things that fill our thoughts..." Emmet Fox

"Jesus...constantly made a point of his at-one-ness with God...We separate ourselves from God when we pray to God afar off, as it were, instead of realizing that God dwells in us & we in God." 
Emmet Fox

"You are individualized Spirit..." Thomas Troward

"Buried in every one of us is God." Neville Goddard

"Everything is alive with the Divine Life." HB Jeffery

"To be a progressive Christian involves affirming 'God in all things and all things in God.'”  
Bruce Epperly 

"There is no power adverse to God." Daisy M Baum

“Omnipresence! The many in the One and the One in the many; the All-Knowing, All Powerful One. All forms and forces are the expressions of Omnipresent, Intelligent Substance.” Nona Brooks

"Since there is but one Substance, one Mind, one Life, I must be in eternal unity with that One that is All in all." Fannie B James

"There is but One Presence in the universe, and I am one with that Presence." 
John Randolph Price

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