Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Nontheistic Understanding of Divinity & Prayer

Sunshine Cathedral Daily *Spirit & Truth Reflection

April 29
On this day in 1968 The musical "Hair" opened on Broadway.

dear god
Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

“…God has become for many progressives an ‘inner voice’, a ‘presence
within the human consciousness’ that underpins life and enables humans
to live well, justly and compassionately…Prayer is more like thinking
things through with God in mind…than addressing a God ‘out there’ with
needs, worries, fears, and hopes.” James Veitch

New Zealand theologian James Veitch gives a clear understanding of
how some of us understand words like “God” and “prayer.” Rather than a
cosmic judge, a Santa Claus for adults, or a puppet master pulling the
strings to make things happen in our lives, God is the word I use for
ultimate reality, beauty, mystery, infinite love, the energy of life, “a
presence within the human consciousness.” And when I am focused on
the many aspects I name with the single word “God”, I am praying and
such prayer often leads me to discover, create, attract, or move toward
amazing blessings in life.

As I ponder the meaning and mysteries of life, I am worshiping; I
am praying. And so it is.

*Spirit & Truth is Sunshine Cathedral's daily devotional magazine

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