Friday, February 20, 2015

Need an English to PC Dictionary

Apparently there has been yet another revision of the PC (Politically Correct) lexicon and I seem to have failed to keep up (Amazon or Google should send me automatic updates). I feel the perfect fool! If, in an attempt to be an ally to any community beyond the one(s) with which I identify most closely, I ever use dated vocabulary that you find archaic or even offensive, plz feel free to re-instruct me, but also plz assume good intentions on my part; and, if you are the first person to re-instruct me, plz be patient if I investigate further before changing my vocabulary yet again (I may not know you to be the spokesperson for your community that you know yourself to be). I will try to offer you the same grace (though anything not intentionally insulting is unlikely to rattle me too much). Of course I never want to insult anyone with my use of language and at the same time I never want to reduce our important struggles to ever-changing trendy verbiage. It's a balancing act...If I lose my balance and start to fall, just catch me and help me regain equilibrium. Meanwhile, I mostly watch TV from before PC was a concept, so, I need hipper people than I to keep me on the broad and fluid.

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