Thursday, December 03, 2015

Don't Be A "Fool" About the Bible

While biblical tit-for-tat is my least favorite game, it can help liberate those who have been tormented by scripture. 
Someone told me today that i was a lost cause (as a gay person who refuses to say my gayness is a sin) and that he didn't need to say more about it because the bible warns against arguing with "fools." My response:
"The bible also says that labeling someone a fool gets you on the fast track to hell. I assume that verse from the sermon on the mount isn't one you take literally (nor should's idiomatic, meaning that if you insult someone they may respond in kind...if you call people names you may 'have hell to pay'), if we can contextualize and critique that verse, we should do it with all sacred texts, thus making them liberating rather than tools of bigotry and oppression." 

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