Friday, May 06, 2016


 Hillary is no saint, and God knows she's a strong and strategic leader, but I really resist blanket condemnations of her character. She kept her marriage in tact when the most conservative among us would say she had a right to leave. She found a way to forgive humiliating indiscretions, and move forward to serve her country in spite of it all.
Yes, she raises money, but not just for her campaign, but for the party and for people running for all kinds of office at every level. Yes, she is highly paid as a speaker (should a First Lady/Senator/Sec of State speak at every garden club and elementary school for free?) but at least in the past would give give most (maybe all) of those monies to charity.
I may disagree with a position or two, or in skeptical moments wonder if some of her motivations are about personal success in her chosen field, but our country has developed a habit of enjoying believing the worst about her, and that isn't fair and it isn't helpful.
Trump meanwhile can insult women, immigrants, Muslims, poor people, even veterans and is given pass after pass. What makes his every gaffe forgivable and Hillary's every action and motive questionable?
I know what it is like to lead groups large and small for years at a time and have some people be willing to believe the worst when an accusation or rumor is hurled. Maybe that's why I can't do it to Secretary Clinton. I started by saying she's no saint, but neither is she a monster. I hope more people will consider that to at least be a possibility.

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