Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Blessings in a Stormy Time

Re: Waiting for Hurricane Irma to Hit South Florida

Spent the last couple of days talking with people who are evacuating, and with people who are staying. Each has her or his compelling reasons, but what has been beautiful is how people are supporting one another. Those leaving are being offered places to stay by friends, relatives, and in some instances even strangers. Those staying are encouraging one another and helping one another stock up supplies and put up shutters. If good wishes, kind words, and heartfelt prayers were money, almost everyone I know would be a millionaire right now. Even the veterinary clinic was hopping today with people getting anti-anxiety meds for their pets in case the storm should frighten them. Even love of animals is thick in the air right now. 
Storm clouds may be rolling in, but hope is also blowing and love is making land fall long before rain ever does. Even in this time of uncertainty, blessings abound, and for that I am very grateful. (dw)

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