Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Prayer

In this quiet moment I pause to realize and remember my oneness with all life. I am part of the infinite web of existence. I am an expression of eternal energies. In this sacred moment of stillness, I breathe; I relax, and I know I am an individuation of the Great Whole, a particular point in the Universal Reality. And so it is that I now affirm hope and joy for my life and for all life. I expect and allow health, happiness, harmony, and abundance to be made perfectly manifest in my experience. As I realize my potential, I help others realize theirs' and as I am blessed, I bless my world. I give thanks now for all that I am and for the possibilities that exist for me. I give thanks for the power of prayer as I release my word to the perfection of divine right action. All is well. Amen.

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