Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've Lost 13 Pounds...15 More to Go!

It's been almost 2 months, about 7 weeks, and in that time I have lost 13 pounds. For the first time in a long time i am now less than 200#
I still have 15 lbs to go, but this plan is working, so I'm sticking with it. I share what is working for me not to suggest that anyone else follow my plan (only a medical professional can prescribe treatment) but to show that we can each find a plan that is right for us. Mine includes eating fewer calories and much less fat, being more active, taking some nutritional supplements, and being faithful to spiritual disciplines which I believe help. This is how I have made it about half way to my weight loss goal in just under two months. All my pants are baggy on me now, and my belt is three notches higher than before, so the inches are coming off too. Try your own plan in consultation with whatever expert you trust, but don't give up. There is something that can work for you. Wish me well as I continue my fitness journey...I'm pulling for you as well.


My plan...

Slim Fast or Lean Pocket breakfast pastry (filled with sausage/egg/cheese), sometimes coffee
a Multi-vitamin, 400 mcg of Chromium Picolinate, 300 mg of Green Tea, 2g of Vit C. (I asked my doc about this, she gives it her approval since I take my booty-flu meds at night, she says its OK to take the supplements in the AM...shouldn't interfere with the meds)

Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, or Healthy Choice frozen entree
One soda (the real thing, can't stand diet)

Low fat pudding

WW, LC, or HC frozen entree or a portion controlled "sensible" meal, water or iced tea

Popcorn or fruit

water, juice, tea throughout the day

Three days a week, an hour in the gym -
Mondays - Chest and triceps followed by 20 minutes cardio
Wednesdays - Biceps and back followed by 20 minutes cardio
Fridays - Shoulders and legs followed by 20 minutes cardio (and a trip to the chiropractor)

Two days a week (Tue & Thur), walking for 45-60 minutes

Affirmations in the AM, at noon, and at bedtime
Meditation 2-3 times per week, 10-30 minutes each time

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