Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hope For Tuesday

I'm no economist. I'm no military strategist. I'm neither a politician nor a diplomat. But I do consider myself in the Hope business! So, I am very concerned when those running for office try to attack the character of their opponents, the "patriotism" or even spirituality of their opponents, or who try to use fear to get votes ("Vote for me and my party or "they" will allow Lex Luthor and Darth Vadar and Cruella DeVil to take over the country, steal Santa Claus from us, and eat all sweet little puppies"). What I want, need, expect from leaders at any level is a message of hope. We need leaders who have hope, who celebrate hope, who inspire hope, and who offer hope. And so, my hope is that on Tuesday, HOPE wins. I hope that only candidates with a message of hope, and a plan to justify hope in the lives of ALL Americans are the ones who win congress, the White House, and state and local offices. We've had enough fear, and it hasn't served us well. We need hope, and I hope those who promote hope will be the ones to lead our country forward. Please vote for hope!

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