Monday, November 03, 2008

Prayer for Election Day

Reflection by Durrell Watkins
"…in planning your wants, plan that which you are sure will give to you and your fellow [human-beings] the greatest good here on earth." - It Works by RHJ

Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day in the United States. I try to be more "neutral" than is my nature these days when it comes to political matters. Of course, I have my favored candidates, philosophies, and my opinions on the issues. But as a religious leader I must be present to people who have a variety of opinions, views, and passions; and so I try to not be too polarizing by sharing too freely my personal, political views.

That having been said, I also have a responsibility as a citizen to vote my conscience, to encourage others to do the same, and to use whatever influence I may have to oppose injustice and oppression. It's a difficult balancing act, especially for one with a history of activism who remains passionate about many issues.

What I can do just hours before the polls open is encourage everyone who is eligible to vote who hasn't yet voted early to vote on Election Day! If you live in a state where discrimination is on the ballot, I urge you to consider opposing the codification of bigotry. I also urge you to vote your hopes rather than your fears, and to consider such issues as world peace, civil liberties, the environment, and the economy when making your final decisions. I also urge you to let nothing keep you from the polls.

Finally, I offer this prayer for Election Day:

For the workings of democracy, I give thanks.
For the possibilities that are before us, I give thanks.
For the indomitable human spirit and for the power of boundless hope, I give thanks.
For the Wisdom that is available to us, I give thanks.
May we now be motivated by Compassion and guided by Reason as we make our choices and exercise our freedoms.
May we elect competent leaders who will stand up for the rights of all people and who will work for peace, justice, and equality.
May this and every nation experience prosperity.
May the leaders we choose govern with grace and sound judgment.
And may the blessings of liberty, health, and goodwill be experienced within and among all nations. Amen.

Rev. Durrell Watkins, M.A., M.Div.
Sunshine Cathedral
Fort Lauderdale

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