Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Welfare is OK; Yours is No Good

Social Security.
Free public schools.
Low tuition community colleges.
College tuition grants.
Federal work-study programs at colleges/universities.
Federal student loans.
Military retirement pensions.
Public school lunch programs.
Civil service benefits.
Small business loans.

We aren't opposed to government programs. We are only opposed to government programs that we don't feel we need. We seem to think we're entitled to the ones we enjoy.

Save "my" government program; just don't let "them" get the one "they" might need. "Mine" is legitimate. "Theirs" is frivolous.

How did the "Land of Opportunity" become so lacking in public generosity? And is it possible to call us back to a compassionate, caring path?


drelw said...

I am always baffled by this - especially when you figure corporate tax breaks and farm subsidies into the mix. Like love, democracy cannot be a sum-zero game. True democracy must create more freedom, more opportunity, more choices for more people. The idea that if you have some, that means there is less for me, is antithetical to the principle of democracy!!!

Amy said...

Love these two entries. They speak to so much confusion out there. Saw a recent tv story on Stan Brock, the guy from Wild Kingdom, who overseas those free healthcare weekends in Appalachia. He took the show to Los Angeles this time and it was just as sold out. Why is there such disconnect between the obvious reality and all these ridiculous screams of socialism. Bring it, I say!