Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magic & Miracles

Daily Wisdom from Spirit & Truth
Saturday, August 27

Magic & Miracles

If you and I were the ones to discover the way life functions in the quantum, we would say it is, by definition, magic. It’s the stuff of fairy tales.” Natalie Reid

Magic. Power. Infinite Potential. Miracles. Energy. Indomitable Hope. Determination. Choice. Are these words so different in their meaning and application? Once we one-pointedly focus on something, we tend to gravitate toward it or attract it to us. Of course, there can be unintended consequences. If we focus on discontent, then we tend to get stuck in unhappiness. If we focus on feeling victimized, we tend to feel powerless and alone. But if we focus on hope, joy, love, and generosity, then those blessings tend to manifest for us. What we think about habitually we manifest eventually. It may or may not be magic, but it is most certainly true.

Prayer Treatment
Today I choose to focus on hope, health, and happiness and I expect these blessings to be manifest in my experience. Amen.

Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

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