Friday, August 19, 2011

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New Thought Friends of MCC is a forum to allow inquirers (people just beginning to explore New Thought) to ask questions, as well as give more seasoned practitioners a place to share resources (book titles, curricula, movie reviews, articles, conference dates, websites, etc.), and of course, prayer requests can be made on the site as well.

I hope this can be an encouraging resource for New Thought practitioners in and on the edges of MCC.

I have been in MCC for 20 years, in MCC ministry for 18 years, and fully ordained as an MCC minister for 14 years (after completing course work from The Samaritan Institute for Religious Studies). However, the first sermon i ever preached was in the late 80s in a small Unity church. And while I did "traditional seminary" after ordination (Union Theological Seminary and Episcopal Divinity School, respectively) I have also in the last 20-something years been part of (and led) A Course in Miracles groups, have taken a Science of Mind course, earned a Certificate from the College of Divine Metaphysics, and received ordination credentials from United Divine Science. I've been active in the International New Thought Alliance for about 5 years now. I am fascinated by New Thought history (and that its beginnings are very feminist) and the moments in my life where I have received the most healing was as a result of practicing New Thought principles. What i have discovered is that there are many people in MCC (and other non-New Thought churches) whose stories are similar to mine. So, why not form a group?!

The group description is as follows:

"This group is for members, ministers, and friends of Metropolitan Community Churches whose spiritual practices include New Thought/Ancient Wisdom traditions. Anyone who is part of MCC or who loves someone who is part of MCC and who also has benefited from or is interested in New Thought philosophy is encouraged to become part of this group. Any MCCer or MCC ally who includes Reiki, A Course in Miracles, the teachings of Louise Hay or Emma Curtis Hopkins, Divine Science, Religious Science/Science of Mind, Fillmorean Theology (Unity or Universal Foundation for Better Living), the teachings of Rev. Ike, The Power of Positive Thinking, Kriya Yoga, positive psychology, or other metaphysical systems in their spiritual life will likely find this group to be a source of encouragement and community. Welcome to New Thought Friends of MCC. MCC is a progressive and inclusive spiritual movement founded in 1968 as a welcoming and affirming home for LBGT people and their allies."

Feel free to join the group, or to recommend it to anyone you think might enjoy it. Thanks and many blessings!

Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins
Senior Minister, Sunshine Cathedral

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