Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Hearts Go Out to Same-gender Loving Ugandans (pastoral letter eblast from Feb 25, 2014)

"The weapons of our warfare are not physical
but they are mighty to the pulling down of oppressive strongholds!"
The Apostle Paul

"Seek justice; encourage the oppressed." Isaiah 1.17

Dear laborers in the vineyard of justice,

Sadly, Uganda's President Museveni signed today the anti-gay bill that can result in draconian cruelty against same-gender loving Ugandans. The out of control homophobia/homohatred was actually fueled by US fundamentalist Christians. The dehumanizing rhetoric used to deny gays and lesbians both dignity and liberty is further fueled by the universally rejected quack science that fundamentalists often embrace.

The US government gives millions of dollars in aid to Uganda. So, not only did American religious zealots and even some American politicians take the "zero tolerance" anti-gay message to Uganda, but American tax dollars help sustain the economy of a country that is violating the most basic civil rights of its homosexual citizens.

This latest outrage against human dignity is, regrettably, not an isolated incident. Jamaican gays continue to live in fear for their lives. Nigeria remains an unsafe place for many gay people. Homophobia is now rampant in Russia. And even in the US, while 17 states offer marriage equality, other states continue their attempts to legislate discrimination against LBGT people.

Of course, irresponsible anti-gay preaching has fueled much of this soul-killing hatred. So, Sunshine Cathedral will continue to share a progressive and inclusive message affirming the sacred value of all people. Our alternative message is needed now as much as it has ever been; in fact, lives may depend on it.

Here are some things you can do to help energize our efforts to offer hope and healing to LBGT people and their allies all over the world:
~ Call (1.202.647.4000) or email ( the US Secretary of State asking for diplomatic action in response to the anti-gay legislation in Uganda.

~ Continue your support of Sunshine Cathedral as we speak out against these atrocities. Sunshine Cathedral is part of the Metropolitan Community Churches movement which affirms social justice as a key element of the Gospel.

~ Contact the office of the Ugandan president ( and respectfully (but clearly) ask him to take measures within the Ugandan legal system to reverse this great injustice.

~Pray daily for all the LBGT people everywhere who face rejection, vilification, incarceration, and even death simply for being who they are.

We know that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"; therefore, it is right that we expression concern and compassion as LBGT people continue to be targeted all over the world. But never give up hope! We also know that "the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice."

 Durrell SIg
Rev Dr Durrell Watkins
Senior Minister
Sunshine Cathedral 

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