Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Prayer for Global Justice

For those who are in danger because they are gay or lesbian, 
for those who work for marriage equality, 
for those whose lives are threatened by AIDS, 
for those who are terrorized, marginalized or oppressed because they are women in a male dominated society, 
for those who do not fit neatly into gender binaries, 
for those who suffer lack while others enjoy unearned privilege, 
for those who are hated because of the color of their skin, 
for those who live in fear as war wages around them, 
for those who flee difficult circumstances without finding welcome in their land of refuge, 
for all who long for safe nights, plenty of food, education, opportunity, a chance to love, or the dignity that all humans deserve, let us pray.
             Spirit of life and liberty, hope and healing, peace and possibilities, 
             we call upon you to move upon human hearts throughout the world. May the human 
             family embrace a desire for peace and plenty, hope and health, joy and justice for all 
             people. Amen. 

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