Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Today's brush with the Religious/Political Extreme Right

A thread of multiple thousands are stirred up about the proposed Iranian diplomatic proposal. Let me come clean from the start...I do NOT know what the best way is to "handle" the Iranian government. Ideologically, the Iranian government is disturbing to my way of thinking. Something must be done and the President and Secretary of State with other world leaders have proposed a possible solution to peacefully keep Iran in check. Will it work? I don't know. Is it the best option? Experts smarter than I am hold a variety of views. So, my argument isn't that the deal is good or not good, that it will work or fail...I can't know those things at this point. My annoyance came from the people who are certain the deal is bad not simply disagreeing with the deal, but calling the president a hater of America and Israel, someone with a personal agenda to do harm in the world. Could we disagree with a plan without demonizing the architect of the plan? Could a plan be offered in good faith whether or not it proves to be a good plan? So, I chimed in with the following remarks...
"Everyone knows that the Iranian government is problematic. The difference of opinion (and having a different opinion does not make one evil or a hater of one's own country) is in how to deal with the problem. Sanctions only work if they are globally supported, and that support is waning. War is never the best solution (and often leaves things worse than before war was launched). Diplomacy (which the 'Prince of Peace' would surely find viable) is another approach to keep Iran in check. They already have frightening capabilities; the efforts are to reduce those capabilities, and business as usual will not do that. So, only time will tell if the administration's plan will be successful, but whether it is or not, it is a legitimate, good faith effort to promote peace and security in the world. It is unfair and mean-spirited to accuse the president of ill-will or nefarious motives in trying to find a peaceful solution to a threatening situation." Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

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