Friday, July 31, 2015

A bible verse is not the KO punch in an argument

When people throw around "proof texts" from the bible (as if such texts could prove anything) it cheapens the argument they are trying to make and it cheapens the sacred text they are using as a weapon. I know it does no good, but I can't stop myself...I have to push back some on such a ridiculous use of scripture. Today, in response to someone quoting a verse from the Psalter (the text was the writer's prayer, and not a word from "on high", but the proof text slinger didn't seem to notice that) to "prove" that Planned Parenthood should be shut down (and the life saving medical services it offers women), I offered the following:
"'Slaves obey your masters.' Eph 6.5; 'If a man is caught raping a virgin, he must pay a dowry to the victim's father and marry her.' Deut 22.28-29...What's your point [with quoting the 139th psalm]? Slavery and rape (and forced marriage for that matter) are horrendous, bible dictates not withstanding!
A sentence from an ancient text settles nothing. Complex issues can't be determined by sound bites, no matter how revered the book they come from might be." (dw)

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