Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bad Theology. Bad Meteorology. Bad Logic. Just Bad. (Fundamentalist Threatens WH with Divine Lightening Strike)

Franklin Graham suggested that President Obama have lightening rods attacked to the White House? Why? Because of marriage equality. 
Graham was suggesting that God might vengefully attack the White House with lightening (which is monumentally bad meteorology as well as bad theology, and PS - is a lightning rod all it takes to defend oneself against divine wrath? It's harder to ward off vampires!) . The threatened lightening attack would be to show divine displeasure with Love's victory resulting in marriage equality in the US (because, you know. God is love, so what would annoy God more than love's victory?). 
No thunder bolt from Olympus for Hitler, Stalin, Jack the Ripper, those who delayed initial funds for AIDS research and education, the architects of the Crusades and Inquisition and Apartheid, but marriage equality gets the top popped on the cosmic can of whoop ass? Seriously
And not leaders of the 18 countries that preceded the US in marriage equality, just our president? For real?! 
Slavery, Jim Crow, internment of Japanese Americans, the genocide of Native Americans...none of this merited divine displeasure, but love and equality...that's what gets Neptune's trident in the ass? And not the 37 states that already had marriage equality, and not the 5 Justices that sealed the deal for the country, but the president? 
Mr Graham does hear how incredibly hateful, stupid, and crazy that sounds, right
Sadly, there is a veritable army of people stirred by his ridiculous rhetoric. 

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