Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heaven, Hell, and Transphobia

Today's exchange with a transphobic person who threatened (why are the fundies always threatening apocalypses and damnation?) that people who tolerate transgender people (and, presumable the trans folk themselves) will have to answer God on judgment day (what a vile, petty god they want to believe in).
Actually her exact words were: "It's going to be a sad day when we get to Heaven and God turn (sic) His back and say (sic) 'depart from me, I dont know you.' Satan is the master of lies, he has a way of twisting the word of God to decieve and destroy. God loves us all but He hates sin. "

That same old song...God is love BUT will abandon you to an endless torment. That kind of love is what keeps Child Welfare services in business! Anyway, my response was as follows:

"Or when we die we might find that God is Love and rejects no one for any reason...when there are gays and lesbians, people of all races and religions, people who didn't fit into gender binaries all at the banquet table of all inclusive and unconditional love...of course, those of us at the table will have to decide for ourselves whether we are in heaven or hell. Sounds like heave to me. Fundamentalists might believe they are in hell as they pass a gay Hindu the potato salad." (dw)

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