Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LBGT Spiritual Leader, John McNeill Dies

It is with great sadness that Sunshine Cathedral announces the departure of John J. McNeill from this experience of life to the next. Father John made his transition Tuesday night.
A Jesuit, a scholar, an activist, a prophet who proclaimed God's unconditional love for LBGT people, Rev Dr John McNeill touched countless lives and inspired many ministries. He was a blessing to this world for 90 years and he will be missed. We extend love to his faithful spouse Charlie and to all who counted Father John a friend or mentor.
A courageous and indefatigable laborer in God's vineyard, Father John challenged Catholic hierarchy and cultural homophobia while affirming the goodness of human bodies, relationships, and sexuality. He was a hero and his memory will bless all who hold it.

McNeill's books:
The Church & the Homosexual
Taking a Chance on God
Freedom, Glorious Freedom
Both Feet Planted Firmly in Midair 
Sex As God Intended 
Father John's Documentary:
Taking a Chance on God

Work included:
Serving in WWII (POW)
Earning a PhD from Catholic University of Louvain 
Serving as a psycho-therapist
Teaching at LeMoyne College, Fordham University, Woodstock Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary
Co-founding the NYC chapter of "Dignity" (an organization for LBGT Catholics)

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