Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Given Desire

Spirit & Truth

God Given Desire“God will not put a desire in your heart that God can’t fulfill.” Rev. Eloise Oliver

Ernest Holmes said, “God creates a thing out of Itself and becomes the thing It created.” When we want to have nurturing friendships, or a fulfilling career, or a lifestyle that is healthy, fun, and enthusiastic, that is because the Creative Life Force is expressing as us! Divine Creativity naturally wants to show up in our lives as joy, peace, and abundance. This Creative Power is the I AM of our being, so not only does It gives us the desire to live abundantly, It also offers the possibility of having our desire fulfilled.

Prayer Treatment: The I AM that I am fills me with a zest for living and as I accept the Good that It is and that I am, Good is increasingly what I experience in life. I give thanks, and so it is.

Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Sunshine Cathedral
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