Friday, June 15, 2012

Better Choices

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Saturday, June 16
Today in 1970 Kenneth Gibson was elected mayor of Newark, making him the first Black mayor of a major Northeastern US city.

Better Choices
Rev. Durrell Watkins, D.Min.

“Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.” Rhonda Byrne

Most of what we call “life” is really what we feel. Positive feelings are described as happiness, success, comfort, strength, capability, or peace. Negative feelings are described as sickness, lack, fear, betrayal, loneliness, failure, or pain. What we want, obviously, is to have more positive feelings than negative ones. Of course, we can get in the habit of expecting the worst, predicting the worst, and imagining all that could go wrong. Those thought habits create anxiety and unhappiness. To change a habit can take some time, but it begins with making a different choice right now. We can begin now to establish new habits that will lead to more hope, more happiness, and more fulfillment.

Right now, I choose to imagine how things could improve. Right now, I choose to believe blessings are possible and are at hand.

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