Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Praying For Those Facing Floods and Fire

With flooding in parts of Florida and the Waldo Canyon fire raging out of control in Colorado, we feel the need to name our fears and also our hope that is greater than our fears.

We wish for our friends and loved ones to remain safe in these areas where wind, water, or flame threatens.

We are thankful for first responders who are doing all that they can to meet the urgent needs of their communities.

We are sad to learn that people have lost homes.

And we can't know exactly how or when these crises will pass, but our hearts cry out and look for comfort, as they have countless times before, in the practice of prayer.

Let us pray:

Indomitable Hope,

We are caught between Reason that tells us we can't control raging fires and windy storms and Compassion which tells us we can't remain silent in the face of suffering.

And so in spite of our apparent helplessness, we refuse to give in to hopelessness.

We bless those dear people who are facing floods and wildfire; we wish them safety and well-being, and we know that these crises must eventually come to an end, and we take comfort in that.

While we wait for the destruction to stop and for the work of rebuilding lives and communities to begin, we call forth peace today, the peace that passes understanding, the peace that seems miraculous in the face of such dangers and disappointments. Let there now be peace - and the healing that peace offers.

We pray also for the members of these communities to be filled with courage.

We pray for them to be guided by wisdom.

We pray that the human compassion that is pouring out toward them will be a comfort to them and will help them in the days ahead.

And mostly, we bless those facing these difficulties and we extend to them our love, trusting that from the chaos blessings will rise, that despair will be overcome by divine light, that fears will be relieved, and that joy will return to their lives. Amen.

In shared service,

Durrell SIg

Rev. Durrell Watkins, D.Min.

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