Tuesday, June 24, 2014

one less idol

one less idol 
“It is time we stopped making an idol out of the bible.” Rev Dr Mona West
Too many people have allowed the bible to be a sort of deity in and of itself. When we use the “hard” and social sciences, philosophy, reason, and experience as tools to help us understand the bible, we see that we will not be able to agree with every word. We can value, love, and use the bible, but let’s never be oppressed by it. It belongs to us; we don’t belong to it. We can question it, try on new understandings of it, and remember that it is not the final word on any subject. The bible should not be used to condemn, exclude, vilify, or torment anyone.
I can question any text that has been used to frighten, control, or dismiss me. I affirm my sacred value as I read my sacred texts.
by Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

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