Sunday, June 08, 2014

Texas Republican anti-gay platform is just insane

The Texas Republican platform apparently has called same-gender love and attraction a "chosen lifestyle" and has endorsed reparative therapy. Among their offensive arguments is that the bible is homophobic so everyone should be. Really? 

1. "Chosen" wouldn't be reason for discrimation...people choose to join the navy, choose to go to college, choose to join churchs (or not), choose to join gymns, choose to watch television, choose to marry (or not)...adults making life choices is not problematic. Now, of course human sexuality is discovered and not chosen, but never mind reason and science, even if we chose our sexuality, it would be a valid choice and discrimination based on the choice would be unjust. 

2. It is offensive to invoke the bible (or Qur'an or Gita or Heart Sutra or Harry Potter) as a political argument for oppressing a minority. If your reasons for an action are so weak, so invalid, so ridiculous that you must suggest that the primary reason for your actions is a magical text (never mind that scholarly understandings of the text would NOT support your views), then you've already lost the argument. Texas (and AR and OK and MS and TN and SC and MO and KS, etc.) doesn't have a strong record on being on the sane side of history on many issues, but even with that unfortunate history, nothing as stupid as this document will be able to endure. It may take a bit more time and even some federal intervention, but in the fullness of time, stupidity just can't survive.

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