Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Invocation I wrote for Gay Pride Sunday

All-inclusive and Unconditional divine Love,

On this Pride weekend we give thanks for who we are, each contributing to the diversity of life.

We give thanks for pioneers who led the way, coming out when to do so meant taking great risks, risks they took so that the world would be a more welcoming and kinder place.

We give thanks for Metropolitan Community Churches that have declared since 1968 that same-gender loving people are the children of God.

We give thanks for states and countries that now have marriage equality, and we pray that such equality will become a universal reality.

We give thanks for the Unitarian Universalists, the Quakers, the Swedenborgians, and the United Church of Christ which have all stood with us as allies and advocates for decades.

We give thanks for Anglican Bishops John Spong, Desmond Tutu and Barbara Harris who have long stood as courageous allies for LBGT people and those who love them.

We give thanks for denominations that now bless same-gender unions.

We give thanks for behavioral and social scientists who have continuously affirmed our place in the human family.

We give thanks for the Stonewall rebels who said enough is enough.

We give thanks for gay bars, drag queens and drag kings, bear men and leather communities, Dykes on Bikes, Log Cabin Republicans and Stonewall Democrats, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and all communities that have given us safe places to explore and affirm the life that is ours to live.

We give thanks for those who have patiently educated us about the gender continuum and we bless the courageous gender non-conforming people who show us all how to live with dignity and self-respect.

We give thanks for those who have chosen to be friends of the Queer community, worshiping, working, and playing with us, praying for us, speaking out for justice, having nothing to gain but nevertheless being committed to the power of love.

We give thanks for parents whose love proved to be unconditional, and we lament over those who could not allow love to win out over the fear of difference.

We give thanks for every genuine and mutual expression of love and for all the joy that it offers.

And we give thanks for the faithful witness and ministry of the Sunshine Cathedral.

Bless us abundantly on this Pride Sunday and may we continue to be your voice calling for healing and your hands working for justice in our world. Amen.

Rev Dr Durrell Watkins
Pride Sunday 2014

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