Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Homophobia Isn't Over...SERIOUSLY

"You Queers have got it good enough. Stop whining about churches telling you that you are going to hell, parents beating and abandoning their Queer kids, bullies tormenting Queer youth, Queer kids winding up homeless, addicted, and attempting suicide, governors putting your rights to a vote and then complaining when majority homophobia isn't upheld by the courts, and homophobic preachers exporting their hate to nations where Queers can be imprisoned and killed just for being who they are...There are REAL issues to deal with."
That is a message that never ceases to amaze and infuriate me.

Caring about LBGTQQIA rights/equality does not mean that we should not and do not also care about economic justice, racism, misogyny, peace, the environment, immigration, gun control, universal health care and OTHER (not more, just other) important issues. Quality of life issues shouldn't be judged to be more important other others...we each do what we can for what we have the most passion about because its all important...but if you tell me my Queer life is not as important as other lives because in your estimation my life is good enough, you will have lost me as a conversation partner.

I am a white gay man who benefits from white male privilege...the privilege does not make it okay to target my gayness.
And, one's gayness does not give one permission to be unconcerned about attempts to keep people of color from the voting booth or to give governance over to corporations or to colonize women's bodies. There are many injustices left to tackle, and we won't do a good job with any of them if we start telling one another that our various experiences of injustice don't matter. That kind of divide and conquer technique is exactly what the keepers of all power want. Let's do deny them that satisfaction.

PS - It also amazes me when people think that only white men are same-gender loving (or for that matter that biology determines gender)...Does a Caribbean Lesbian of African descent not deal with racism, sexism, AND homophobia? Should we tell her that only 2/3 of her personal pain matters?
And what of Black Gay men who know racism within one community and homophobia within another. Should we tell them that only half of their experience of injustice is important? Of course not!

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