Saturday, October 04, 2014

Why I Wrote Saved From Salvation

"2014 was dedicated as a 'Year of Transformation' for Sunshine Cathedral, and so it seemed appropriate that for the Year of Transformation I would chronicle my life-long journey of growth and on-going transformation. SAVED FROM SALVATION is my story of exploring the Mystery of life, of embracing the Possibilities in life, and of daring to ask the questions that are real whether voiced or not, but that can release a healing and empowering energy when asked (even though answers to the questions may not exist). The book isn't meant to influence so much as to model the power of making peace with the questions and trusting the process of exploration wherever it might lead. The book is my testimony, my witness, my experience, but my hope underneath the sharing of the stories is that the book's message is universal, giving people encouragement to ask their own questions and trust the winding paths of their own lives. Such an open, honest, and unapologetically human journey has been tranformative for me, and it would be a great joy if my journey could provide some comfort or companionship for others as they courageously continue their own." Durrell Watkins, author of SAVED FROM SALVATION

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