Monday, October 06, 2014

Human Rights, Not States' Rights

    The governor of OK not surprisingly is furious that the SCOTUS wouldn't hear marriage discrimination cases. She believes that the majority should have the right to discriminate if they collectively say they want to do so. For her, a state has rights to oppress its non-majority residents, but individuals don't have the right to demand equality. Of course, "states rights" arguments go back to the civil war, and the same mentality prevails...if enough of us in the majority want keep a minority marginalized, then the majority should rule. They don't realize that democracy isn't just the rule of popular opinion, but is also a protection of those who will never be in the majority. When White, Evangelical Christians no longer make up the majority in some of these "states rights" states, they will undoubtedly value the protection that democratic principles offer those who lack the privilege and power of the majority.

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