Friday, June 19, 2015

Response to "Mother" Emanuel Shooting in Charlotte

Let's do be clear...America suffered another terrorist attack on *Wednesday from an illegitimate, rogue nation: the Confederate States of America in exile...and that illegal, terrorist organization has terrorized this country since 1861. Those of us who live in the Southern UNITED STATES must finally, passionately, nonviolently stand up to the sickness of white supremacy (first of all by not denying its troubling existence), including its white privileging laws and racist code language and venerated symbols of oppression. Yes Right Wingers, religious people are in danger in this country...not for hating gays, but for praying while Black. Surely all decent people are heartsick this week and are ready to tackle our country's racist toxins once and for all. 

*Referring to a white gunman opening fire and killing 9 worshipers at a midweek bible study gathering at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

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