Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Cross Didn't Work

"The cross didn’t work. The cross wasn’t the result of God requiring human torture; the cross is a reminder that God is greater than human injustice. The cross doesn’t represent God’s plan; it represents Oppression’s failure. It didn’t silence Jesus' message nor did it destroy the movement he inspired. The vision and the hope of God’s kin-dom survived.
Sadly, the vision hasn’t been fully realized yet, but the vision still lives...Jesus’ dream of a world that looks like God would have it is still in us. And we can continue to work together to give greater expression to that dream. We can be the dreamers that dream the dream into reality, or at least, usher the reality closer than it’s ever been.
Jesus lived for that dream. He died for that dream. And the stories of resurrection tell us that the dream could not be killed. We are now Christ in the world, the resurrected and returned body of Christ, and our job is to keep dreaming of and hoping for and working toward God’s kin-dom: a world of peace and plenty, joy and justice, hope and healing.
Will you dream Jesus’ dream with me?
Durrell Watkins, from June 14, 2015 sermon, 
"Jesus' Dream" at Sunshine Cathedral 

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