Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Queer Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. People all over rush to wedding chapels to get married on this day of romance. Well, those who have the option of getting married do anyway.

A statistically significant number of people are physically and emotionally attracted to people of the same-sex. This has always been true and its true cross-culturally.

People naturally enough form supportive relationships wherein they care for one another and share their lives together. I see no legitimate reason to place legal restrictions on loving, consensual relationship regardless of the genders that make them up. Covenantal fidelity makes a marriage, not gender. To define marriage as being between one man and one woman shows that it ain't necessarily so. If it was self-evident, it wouldn't require legislation!

In some states in th U.S., bi-racial marriage was illegal (well into the last century even!). Surely we look back on that time of ignorance and bigotry with shame and embarrassment today. Now it wouldn't occur to most reasonable people that the race/races of a couple made a marriage more or less legitimate. One day we will have similar enlightened tolerance regarding same-gender loving couples who wish to legally wed.

This is really a human/equal rights issue. Strange to bring it up on the day of romance. But, until same-gender loving people have equal access to the responsibilities and benefits of marriage wherever they happen to live, romance will remain a socio-political issue that must be brought up time and again until there is truly "liberty and justice for all."

May love prevail! Happy Valentine's Day.

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