Sunday, February 18, 2007

Praying for an End to Homohatred

No jokes.
No witty quips or one-liners.
No long stories.
No homilies.
No detailed arguments.
No philosophical ponderings. Not today.

Today I'm just tired. Sad. Worried.
When I think of Jamaica and Nigeria and other places where government, police, religion, and angry mobs all routinely dehumanize gay people and work to erase them from public view and concern, I just wonder when it all will stop. When will people be able to live out loud as the people they are without fear of being killed or raped or beaten? How can we bring civility to civilization?

On other days I can point to military campaigns, political movements, missionary endeavors, and other historical travesties that have led us to this point of mass homohatred in the global south and other areas, but today I don't want to play the anthropologist, the sociologist, the political scientist, or the social analyst. Today I'm just concerned and sad that people living in hiding and others are dying because hatred is so alive and well in our world. Today I'm just praying for change. Maybe that's something. I hope so, because today it's all I have.

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