Tuesday, February 13, 2007


When I can see it, feel it, know it...it tends to happen. What's the "it"? Doesn't matter. Any it! If I can visualize a situation and if I can summon the feeling of the occasion, sooner or later, it materializes in my experience. It may happen overnight. It may take a month, or a year, or a decade. Sometimes I forget that I created the picture and felt with intensity what the outcome might be like. But then it happens and I recall, "Oh, that's exactly what I visualized, imagined, prayed for."

So, my advice on how to pray for success, health, prosperity, happiness, or anything else is not to beg God for these blessings, but to see them in Mind and feel them as accomplished.

Don't get distracted by details (though making plans is a good plan). Imagine the result, feel the joy that comes from accomplishment or from hearing good news. And that's prayer and eventually, in some way, the picture you've created in your mind must be made manifest in your experience.

Of course there are two caveats. (1) It works no matter what the picture is. If we hold a fearful picture, that situation will become imprinted on our subconscious and our Mind will work to bring that into reality. So, anxiety is as much prayer as hope is. Keep the pictures positive. (2) Pay attention and be grateful. For instance, you imagined yourself being wealthy. But the mansion, the limo, the summer house, and the pool still aren't here. But you do have a comofortable home, you have unlimited access to the beach, you have a dependable car, and you have friends in fun places to visit. You have everything that the mansion/limo/summer house/pool combo represents. So, notice how your dreams of wealth are already coming true and be thankful.

The question isn't if you'll pray. The question is how you'll pray. Postive, mental imaging accompanied by feelings of fulfillment and gratitude make up the prayer of power, and it works.

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