Saturday, July 14, 2007

Latest Potter Flick

saw the latest Harry Potter film last night...kind of odd to see 17 playing 14, but happy that there may be two more to come...i guess by the last one we'll see 20 playing 17, which will be less odd. this one is slower than the others, darker and sadder. but the headmaster mixes it up with the dark lord, so its nice to see him in some hand to hand (or wand to wand) action.

i continue to be sad that Ron appears to be totally useless (wizard-wise). oh sure, he saves the day in the first one with his chess skills, and he's a good bud to harry, and rescues harry in a flying car once...even in this latest one he outsmarts (we're told, we don't actually get to see it) the slitherin boys, but still...he's just a good kid. when does he get to walk on water or turn someone into a rabbit or astral-project somewhere? his whole family (including now his little sister and his way cute older twin brothers) are magical whizes while he hasn't done anything that my cat couldn't manage (well, my cats can't drive a car or play chess, but you know what i mean).

We get to be voyeurs for Harry's first kiss, but soon after his girlfriend is manipulated with a potion into betraying the adolescent underground resistance. everyone's pretty through with her until they realize it wasn't her fault, but still we don't get back to her in this one.

oh, the undersecretary of magic or whatever is a real wicked witch...basically george bush in drag. but, karma kicks in and she gets some comeupance. love it when the bad guys get a kick in the ass. of course, the biggest meannie continues to be on the loose...thus two more movies.

there's more death in this, it's a bit of a downer, but by now we care about these kids and its become like a soap opera/cliff hanger. so, stay tuned for #6 next year and the final one 2010. Oh, and as always, the philosophical/spiritual/ethical questions are raised and dealt with intelligently. Good bidness.

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