Sunday, July 08, 2007


“I am the sum total of what I have been confessing through the years.” – Joel Osteen

Self-talk is very important and it’s also inevitable. We all think. We all imagine things. We all have expectations. And the kinds of things we say over and over to ourselves become like seeds we plant in the fertile ground of consciousness. That’s why optimism is so important. For every problem we encounter, we must affirm that a solution is possible. For every challenge, we must decide to learn a valuable lesson and move forward. For every fearful encounter, we must summon the power of hope. Since we’ll tell ourselves something anyway, let’s choose to say things that feel good and that conjure a picture of success. The more seeds we plant, the more abundant our harvest is likely to be. Once we firmly establish the habit of declaring and expecting our Good, we will find that it becomes manifest in our experience.

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