Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Redeeming Jesus

Redeeming Jesus Mini-Conference.

We would like you to attend this exciting event on January 22nd and 23rd at Sunshine Cathedral.
Why the provocative title for the conference? To redeem is to recover. When we were children so of use would "redeem" soda bottles, that is, we'd get money back for the glass bottles. We recovered our money. The Redeeming Jesus Mini-Conference will focus on how Progressive Christians can recover Jesus from narrow and exclusive understandings. We'll learn how there are a variety of joyous and empowering ways to faithfully follow Jesus' example in the 21st century.

Our speakers for the conference are: Robert Griffin (pastor), Mona West (bible scholar), BK Hipsher (theologian), Celene Lillie (bible scholar), Michael Diaz (pastor), Durrell Watkins (artist-theologian & pastor), Tom Bohache (bible scholar & pastor), and Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas (motivational speaker).

We will explore Christology from Feminist, Gender transgressive, Non-canonical, Liberation, Pop-cultural, Queer, and New Thought perspectives. We'll learn how one can fall in love with Jesus from several different social locations and how more inclusive, pluralistic Christologies can be empowering for not only committed people of faith but for seekers as well.

The conference includes dinner on Friday night (22nd), and breakfast and lunch on Saturday (23rd). The conference will be good for lay leaders, clergy, students, life-long learners, and those who are just curious. MCC clergy can count the conference as "continuing education." And all of this is only $50 for the whole mini-conference ($35 for university or seminary students).

To learn more about the conference, the speakers, or about lodging options, please visit That's also where you will find a link to register for the conference.

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